Omar Abdullah expresses dismay over ban on Jamaat-e-Islami


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah on Saturday expressed dismay over banning Jamaat –e – Islami in J &K saying that the move will prove detrimental to the education sector as the organization runs a number of schools in the state.

Vice president while expressing concern over the move said, “Our party and JeI are poles apart ideologically. There is a stark difference in the disposition of both parties. Having said that JEI is one of the socio-political organizations that have been contributing much towards education sector in Kashmir. There are a number of schools that are being run by JeI in Kashmir. As per my knowledge over one lakh students are currently studying in these schools. I am of the resolve that the move will prove detrimental to the career of such students,” adding, “The move will inadvertently affect the peacebuilding efforts. We may disagree with the ideology of JeI but the move will unquestionably breed more radicalization.”

The Vice President said that working on the root causes of violent extremism and developing effective counter-narratives can lead to long term sustainable results. “But developing effective and counter-narratives takes time and involves several steps. Banning will inadvertently shrink the space for dialogue, and rapprochement. The move will yield nothing other than glamorizing dissent,” he said.

Omar while disapproving the ban imposed on JeI said, “I urge the GOI to undo the move of banning JeI for the greater good of the nation. Besides, the move will dent the efforts for promoting education in Kashmir,” adding “I hope pragmatism pervades upon Delhi as far as this issue is concerned.”


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