Omar Abdullah felicitates newly elected Kashmir Press club team


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday felicitated the winners of the first-ever elections of Kashmir press club.

While greeting the winners of the elections, party vice president said, “I take this opportunity to express my greetings to Shuja Ul Haq, and Moazam Muhammad, who have been elected as the president and vice president of the Kashmir Press club respectively. I also congratulate others who have been elected to other coveted positions of the press club. I pass on good wishes to each one of them and wish them good luck in their future endeavors.”

“I hope those who have been elected to the covetous posts of the club solemnly work towards the betterment of press fraternity in Kashmir. I also congratulate the people who executed the whole course of elections,” he said.

“No society can think of harvesting the fruits of democracy without securing its press fraternity all the required freedom and dignity. However, it is imperative for the press fraternity to uphold the dignity associated with the profession at any cost. The struggle by embattled journalists and press fraternity of Kashmir to fight for the rights of people is commendable. I take this opportunity to salute the valor of our journalistic community, who notwithstanding curbs and persecution has been rendering their duties with dedication,” he added.

Meanwhile, party’s chief spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, Provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar, additional Spokesperson Sara Hayat Shah have also congratulated the winners of the elections.


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