Omar Addresses 1st Convocation Of BGSBU

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Addressing the 1st Convocation of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU) on Sunday, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is also the Chancellor of the University asked the passing out students to make humanness and respect for humanity their cardinal principles and contribute for holistic development of the society.

“In the world that you are about to enter now, you will be entering into contracts, agreements, business deals, etc. but never ever forget the social obligations and contracts you have with your society”, he told them and elaborated that the society comprising of family, people, institutions and the State have nurtured and nourished them till this time. “Now is your turn to reciprocate and give back to your society what you have received. It will leave a legacy to repeat itself and in this way you will be redeeming the unspoken pledge you have made to the society”, he observed.

The Chief Minister told the students that diligence, hard work and surmounting challenges  have gotten them there where they are at present. “Let prudence and sensitivity enter this equation and let you girdle your loins and face this world with qualities”, he said.

Omar said that the passing out students have to find for themselves a niche in this world that corresponds to their talent and capabilities as such they have to hone and refine the skill sets that their education has bequeathed upon them. “Employ the refinement, sensibility and sensitivity that your education has given you for the good of the society”, he said.

The Chief Minister said that it is vital for the passing out students to understand the nature of this world and to understand their role so that they are able to make use of opportunities and contribute for development of the society.
The Chief Minister congratulated the passing out students and said that distance and geography is no longer impediments for them to pursuit their goals adding that they are in a world which is linked and networked. “This is a new world made possible by the congestion of technology and globalization. In this world the traditional and usual barriers do not exists. It really does not matter where you are, who you are and what station you enjoy in life, the opportunities are limitless and boundless for you”, he told the passing out students and urged them to take best advantage of opportunities to excel in the new world they are about to end.

Omar said that BGSBU is a young university, its students are young, faculty young but outlook towards what is required is major. He said the development and growth of this university in a hilly and backward area is praiseworthy. He said that the real commitment of the university is towards the young students particularly to youth in difficult areas. He said the success of the university could be judged by the conduct and success of the passing out students from this institution who are flag bearers of the university. “Your success will determine the success of the university. You are first alumni of the university and you have to exhibit your talent and merit to earn name and fame for the university and for the State and the country”, he told the passing out graduates.

 Omar Abdullah also congratulated the Vice Chancellor, Management and faculty of the University for holding the convocation after a long time and said that it will be benchmark for coming convocations. He said that it is heartening for him to see BGSBU emerging as a seat of learning. He also praised the contribution of erstwhile Vice Chancellor and others in this direction. He expressed the hope that the march on road to further progress and development of the University would continue.

Omar Abdullah highlighted the commitment of N. R. Narayana Murthy for younger generation and expressed hope that he would continue to be source of inspiration for them. He said that BGSBU requires continuous support of Murthy and his achievements would serve as benchmark for the students in their lives. He hoped that other Corporate Sector of India would show its interest in the development and growth of this educational institution. He said the visit of Murthy to this place and his convocation address would pave way for others to follow the suit.

Chairman Emeritus Infosys Limited, N. R. Narayana Murthy in his Convocation address asked the students to make optimism and confidence necessary tools to face challenges and emerge successful. He asked them to fully contribute to the best of their capacity for the good of the society and growth of BGSBU from which they have attained the degrees in various fields of education.

Sharing his experience and presenting details of the success stories of renowned personalities like Mother Teresa, Narayana Murthy also cited an example of a woman entrepreneur from Budgam district who made her mark in the floriculture industry. He also exemplified various young men and women of the State who passing civil service examination successfully and with distinction and asked the passing out graduates to show commitment towards realizing goals and making honesty and discipline benchmark in their life.

Vice Chancellor of BGSBU, J. A. Hamal in his VC’s report said that in order to make the University compatible with present needs and requirements of higher education on one hand and to the society at large on the other, the academic programmes of the university have been conceived under six schools of studies namely Mathematical Sciences and Engineering, Management Studies, Islamic Studies, Bio-sciences and Bio-technology, Health care and Pharmacy and Material Science and Nano-technology. He said first four schools are operational and the last two are on the anvil.

As many as 5 M. Phil Degrees were conferred on 5 candidates, Masters Degrees on 724 candidates in different disciplines and Graduate Degrees on 189 candidates. The Founder Vice Chancellor of the University, Masood Choudhary and N. R. Narayana Murthy were conferred honoris causa D.lit degrees at the convocation. The certificates and medals were given by the Chief Minister to the passing out graduates.


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