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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has termed PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Syed’s claims that he will get Kashmir issue resolved if his party gets 40 seat in the upcoming assembly elections as a mere joke.

Party President and MLA Langate Er Rashid while addressing party workers in Srinagar on Monday, asked, “ How can Mufti Sahib claim to resolve JK dispute by taking India, Pakistan and Kashmiris on board when PDP has already given its road map in the form of so called self rule which like NC’s autonomy formula is nothing but a hallow slogan to create confusion and dilute a very simple issue that stands Internationally recognized.”

He further asked “Who knows better than Mufti Sahib that Kashmir issue is so big that no single individual, party or country could resolve it since last sixty five years.”

“Unless and until Kashmiri leadership does not come out of their vested interests and form a joint strategy, India will not recognize them even as a Party to the dispute. One wonders if India is not willing to talk to Geelani, Mirwaiz or UJC in open who are the major stake holders of the dispute, how can it take Mufti Sahib or Omer Abdullah seriously whom they treat as their own men and who are representing Delhi in Kashmir and who always cry helplessness and call themselves as casual laborers on need basis,” Rashid said adding “If PDP and NC are serious in resolving Kashmir dispute then they must forget about their differences, form a joint strategy, lead from the front and tell New Delhi that there is no substitute to the resolution of Kashmir dispute except a solution based on principle of natural justice. Neither Mufti Sahib is less loyal to India than Farooq Abdullah nor is NC less responsible than PDP for not getting Kashmir issue resolved. If Mufti Sahib is sincere and serious in resolving Kashmir dispute then he should not cry to get 40 seats but should seek unconditional support from NC and other pro Kashmiri forces and it will ensure more then sixty MLA’s forcing New Delhi and Islamabad for their voices to be heard.”

Er Rashid also condemned Omer Abdullah’s remarks that Hurriyat leaders use to meet agencies behind the curtains.

“It proves lack of sincerity and non seriousness of Omer Abdullah for encouraging a dialogue between New Delhi and Kashmir. One has a right to ask Omer Abdullah that what is wrong if Hurriyat people talk to New Delhi without making it public and without surrendering their principle stand. In fact silent talks are the best way to get good results if sincerity prevails,” Rashid said.

He also asked Omer Abdullah to change his behavior and stop changing his stances over sensitive issues and not to hurt sentiments and aspirations of the people of the state and not to “add salt” to the injuries by claiming that the Gool Incident took place after the false charges and revelations made by the concerned Molvi.

“It has once again hurt the religious sentiment of the people and that too by the Chief Minister, who has tried to defend a totally unacceptable act of discretion of Quran by the BSF,” Rashid said adding by saying so Chief Minister has not only tried to justify the “inhuman and barbaric” act carried out by the police and BSF but has also tried to down play the martyrdom of those who felt victim of “state terrorism.”

He further said that by raising fingers over the Molvi, Chief Minister has proved that everything is being managed by New Delhi and Omer Abdullah or who so ever is in the chair has just to speak his “master’s voice” and his promises.


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