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National Conference Wednesday congratulated Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for taking ‘historic’ pro-employee decisions and thereby meeting the genuine demands of the employees of the State and scripting yet another chapter in the tradition of National Conference’s support to the genuine needs and demands of the employees of J&K.

In a statement, National Conference has also welcomed the landmark decision of the Omar Abdullah government to fill one Lakh Vacancies through various recruitment agencies.

“Omar Abdullah had actually done what others only spoke about,” National Conference Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said. “NC’s history of pro-people and pro-employee policies was an open book before the people of the State.”

Kamal said that it was National Conference that carried out the recruitment of One Lakh Sixty-five thousand employees when NC took the reigns of power in 1996 and increased the retirement age from 55 to 58 years. “The current decision by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to increase the retirement age from 58 to 60 years and various other significant decisions including the decision to fill one Lakh Vacancies in the State for the unemployed youth was yet another milestone in the direction of alleviating the grievances of the employees based on the principles and premise of acknowledging and respecting the dedication of our employees in rendering their services in testing, turbulent times as well as the hand-holding of the unemployed youth of the State,” he said.


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