‘Omar, Farooq destroyed NC’

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Stating that the ruling National Conference could only be saved from ‘disaster’ if NC president Dr Farooq and chief minister Omar Abdullah are shown the door, NC veteran and former Parliament Member Abdul Rashid Shaheen Wednesday stirred hornet’s nest, stating that Sheikh Nazir and Begum Khalida Shah are the ‘true’ and ‘sincere’ successors of NC founder Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah.

Blaming Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and his father for destroying the credibility of National Conference, senior NC leader and in charge North Kashmir for the party, Abdul Rasheed Shaheen Wednesday declared that he will quit the party as it has become the group of ‘sycophants’.

“Gone are days when National Conference was a force to reckon with and gone are days when people use to show great regard for Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah. The follies committed by Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah have wiped out the party from the map of Jammu and Kashmir. Both the father and son have assigned the responsibilities of the party to those ‘sycophants’ who were paid agents of other parties during the time of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and who left no stone unturned in destroying the party from time to time,” Shaheen said adding that leaders of NC are feeling scared of contesting forth coming Assembly elections.

“Why Farooq Abdullah is not contesting elections. He knows the outcome as he recently tasted bitter defeat at the hands of an ‘amateur’ politician. My heart bleeds for the party and I had never imagined those people will manage the affairs of the party who have no credibility and are not the loyalist of the party,” he said.

Known and old face of NC from North Kashmir, Shaheen said that the father and son tarnished the ‘crystal clear’ image of National Conference founder Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and these people for their personal gains side lined the loyal soldiers of Sheikh and for sake of personal comforts gave place to those ‘sycophants’ in the party who barely know ABC about the tenants of the party.

“People of Kashmir had regard for Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah but that regard and respect disappeared because of the continuous blunders committed by Omar Abdullah and Farooq Abdullah,” Shaheen said.

“I will not ever shake hands with them. They have rubbished and rebuked the dreams of Sher-e-Kashmir. They have destroyed the principles of NC and have disgruntled the workers have sacrificed a lot for the party in the past.” He stated that only Sheikh Nazir, NC’s former general secretary and Khalida Shah, daughter of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah are the ‘true and sincere’ successors of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.

He alleged that soon after the death of Sheikh, his son Farooq Abdullah sidelined the loyalists of the party. “The son of Farooq went a step ahead by bringing those people into party fold who did not good to the party. I fail to understand how and why these people were given the charge of Provincial presidents of the party,” he said.

Senior NC leader whose father Ghulam Qadir Sofi was the founder member of Muslim Conference further said that National Conference is witnessing an ‘unhurried death’ and soon this party will disappear from the political map of Jammu and Kashmir. “I will definitely leave the party as this party will soon cease to exist in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said. (CNS + KNS)


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