Omar galvanizes NC rank and file

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Stating that National Conference (NC) has witnessed many vicissitudes and faced different challenges during its long political span and struggle, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is also Working President, National Conference Tuesday said that NC has always emerged victorious defeating all troubles and difficulties.

 According to a statement, he said: “History is the witness of the conspiracies hatched against National Conference through false propaganda and machinations time and again. You have witnessed flocking of all anti-National Conference forces in the past to dislodge its strong political base and popularity in the State but you have also witnessed the determination and bravery of the workers of this party to steer the ship out of all troubles defeating the disgruntled and vested interests”, he told the office bearers of National Conference in separate meetings at Khag, Berwah and Magam today during his drive to strengthen party rank and file and infuse new energy in the party cadre to counter the propaganda against National Conference and apprise the people that National Conference is the only party in Jammu and Kashmir whose benchmark is public service, political stability, solidarity, brotherhood and equitable development of all the regions and sub-regions inclusively.

 Reciting the famous couplet “Girtay hain shah-sawar hi maidan-e-jung main —— Woh tifal kya girain jo guthnu key bal chalain”, Omar Abdullah said that the loss of coalition partners candidates in the recently concluded Parliament Elections has served food for thought to the National Conference workers, office bearers and leaders at the top to ponder upon the reason and make necessary corrective measures to rebound back with force and tell the detectors and enemies of National Conference that NC symbolizing Kashmiriyat and peoples aspirations and lives in the hearts of the people, will re-emerge victorious once again. He quoted a famous couplet of Alama Iqbal “Surat-e-shamsheer hai dastey qaza main woh qoum —– Karti hai jo har zaman apney amal ka hisaab”, and asked the NC rank and file to ascertain the all aspects of its delink with people and rebuild the close rapport with the workers and general public at all levels and in every area of the State.

 “Ascertain their anger and address it to their best expectations so that their enthusiasm and love for National Conference which lives in their blood re-surfaces with full spirit”, Omar Abdullah told party office bearers urging them to travel all across and interact with the basic workers and general masses giving them message of not getting mislead by the propagandist elements whose only aim is to defame National Conference and seek power. “Make people recognize their friends and foes and not to get astrayed by those who dance to the tune of their masters outside the State and who owe their existence to the forces against Kashmiriyat”, he said maintaining that since these elements could not succeed in their sinister design because they found National Conference only stumbling block and hurdle so they hatched deep conspiracy to weaken NC and indirectly implement their ultimate objective of damaging National Conference and dividing the society for their vested interests through their local agents.

 Omar Abdullah said that National Conference has never compromised on its principles and held its high credentials of unity, brotherhood and amity above every political consideration. He said the agenda of National Conference to seek permanent peace in the State is a public document and whether in power or outside, “we have batted and vigorously advocated peaceful resolution of political issues of the State in a political atmosphere through the process of dialogue and our pursuit in this regard will continue”. He said he as the Chief Minister as also the leader of the opposition has always highlighted the need of addressing political issues pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir politically across the table making it clear that K-issue has political genesis and it cannot be addressed through economic measures. “Many do not digest it, as such are engaged in false propaganda against NC”, he said.

 Omar Abdullah said that his government empowered people to the maximum by enacting legislations like Right to Information Act, Public Service Guarantee Act, Re-constitution of Accountability Commission, constitution of Vigilance Commission, introduction of third party monitoring and election and empowerment of Panchayats. He said the list of development initiatives taken by his government and thousands of works launched, implemented and commissioned during the last five and a half years across the State itself speak of the government’s performance towards public good. “Unfortunately, this has not been made fully public otherwise people would have known that this government has surpassed all previous governments in peace restoration and development process besides creating transparency and bringing the government under full public scan”, he said and asked the office bearers of National Conference to make the workers and general public aware of the gigantic task undertaken by the government during the last five and a half years.

 “Blunt the false propaganda of your detectors and agents of vested interests by presenting them the huge list of development works achieved in the State by this government as also the initiatives taken for public empowerment and transparency”, he said adding that his government may not have fulfilled all the aspirations of the people but it has in no means lagged behind in delivering the best on the development and peace front. “There is urgent need that people are fully made aware of the stupendous and historic measures implemented by the government for the welfare and political stability of the State”, he asserted and said that awareness is must to defeat the propagandist elements and foil their aim of creating misconception and confusion in the minds of people vis-à-vis National Conference.


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