Omar Hints Pre assembly Poll Alliance with Cong

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Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Thursday hinted at a pre-poll alliance between his National Conference and coalition partner Congress in the next Assembly polls due in 2014.

“The (decision to) contest election for the four Legislative Council seats by National Conference and Congress jointly indicates the grand alliance of the two parties to face 2014 Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir,” National Conference spokesman quoted Abdullah as saying.

The chief minister, who is also the working president of National Conference, was addressing Panches and Sarpanches at Bandipora, Sumbal and Sopore in north Kashmir.

“National Conference and Congress share high principles of communal harmony, equitable development and restoration of permanent peace in the state. The coalition between the two parties is natural and will get further strengthened in the future,” Abdullah said.

Underscoring the importance of closer coordination between NC and Congress workers to realize the goal of peace and equitable development, the Chief Minister said facts about the performance of the government were the best tools to blunt the “false propaganda” against the government and the coalition.

He asked the Panches and Sarpanches to show unity and commitment by ensuring thumping victory of the joint candidates of the coalition in Legislative Council Election to be held on December 3 under Panchayat quota.

“Let you exhibit by your verdict in favour of NC-Congress joint candidates in MLCs election that the coalition between the two parties is for the highest cause of public service and in the larger interest of the state and the country,” he said.
Assuring Panchayat members, he said, “We will never let you fail, we will make you vibrant and strong.

“Panchayat elections were held because we did not want J&K to be run by Jammu or Srinagar but by you yourself,” he said.

Lambasting the opposition, Abdullah said the PDP leadership has unleashed an uncalled for and false propaganda against the government and the coalition.

“Those in whose tenure their own legislators and ministers were attacked, cricket playing children got killed, people offering prayers were hit and the common people lived in fear, ought not to talk of the situation at present, which is not only better but substantially moving towards further improvement,” he said.

“They can even use gun to gain power. They can put the society to fire, divide people on religious lines, make different sections of the society to fight each other just for the sake of getting to the chair and be in power. They have nothing to do with democracy. They were the people who torpedoed the democratic institutions whenever they got the chance,” Abdullah said.

He said PDP leaders are not concerned whether Panchayats flourish or not and this was evident from the fact that they were against holding of Panchayat elections.


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