Omar Is Now NC’s Only Vice President


National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday gave approval to the nomination of office bearers for key party posts to strengthen the organizational network and for close monitoring and supervision  of party affairs, also to give representation to the Party’s Women’s Wing, Youth and other sections of the society, and reshape different wings of the party.

As per the nomination order, henceforth the party will have only one Vice President as per the JKNC Constitution.

The following party leaders and office bearers have been nominated to the following positions:


  1. Omar Abdullah – Vice President, JKNC
  2. Chowdhary Muhammad Ramzan – State Secretary
  3. Peerzada Ghulam Ahmed Shah – State Secretary
  4. Advocate Rattan Lal Gupta – State Secretary
  5. Ajay Sadhotra – State Secretary
  6. Mushtaq Bukhari – State Secretary
  7. S. S. Salathia – State Secretary
  8. Sakina Ittoo – State Secretary
  9. Mir Saifullah – Central Secretary
  10. Irfan Ahmad Shah – Central Secretary
  11. Sajjad Ahmad Kitchloo – Central Secretary
  12. Rachpal Singh – Central Secretary
  13. Javid Rana – Central Secretary
  14. Abdul Ganie Malik – Central Secretary
  15. Dr. Mohammad Shafi – Vice President, Kashmir Province
  16. Shamima Firdous – State President, Women’s Wing
  17. Bimla Luthra – State Vice President, Women’s Wing
  18. Sabia Qadri – Provincial President (Kashmir), Women’s Wing
  19. Dr. Bashir Ahmed Veeri – Zonal President, South Kashmir
  20. Shabir Ahmed Kulay – Vice President, South Kashmir
  21. Altaf Ahmed Kaloo – District President, Anantnag
  22. Nazir Ahmed Malik – Zonal Secretary, North Kashmir


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