Omar Leads NC Walk Out on ‘Discrimination’ with Kashmir; Rasheed in Well

Riyaz ul Khaliq


KL file Image
KL file Image

Main Opposition party in Legislative Assembly on Monday staged walk out from the house. Led by Omar Abdullah, the NC members alleged that Kashmir region was facing discrimination viz-a-viz development.

The issue was raised by Independent Lawmaker, Engineer Rasheed who asked Education Minister, Naeem Akhtar, “as why IIT and IIM can’t be established in Kashmir?”

“When AIIMS was announced in Kashmir, Jammu started agitation with your alliance partner, BJP, leading it. Why can’t IIT and IIM be established in Kashmir?” Rasheed asked the government. “Do you want us to come on roads, start agitation?”

Akhtar in his response said, “it was an evolutionary process as new campuses are coming up.”

He was confronted by Rasheed who narrated as “how Kashmir was being discriminated”.

“It is simple; AIIMS was announced for Kashmir, why was the decision later modified and similar institute was announced for Jammu? IIT and IIM were announced for J&K but both of the Institutes are being established in Jammu. Why” Rasheed told the house.

Rasheed further said as how “there is ban on opening of private colleges”.

This argument of Rasheed got support of National Conference with Khanyar Lawmaker, A M Sagar asking government to “do justice”. “We are not against whatever goes to Jammu in view of development but we won’t accept discrimination with Kashmir division.”

Unsatisfied with the answer from Treasury Benches, National Conference walked out of the house while Rasheed walked in to well. “PSAs, arrests and killings have been kept for Kashmir,” Rasheed told Speaker. “Take you AIIMS back. We don’t this as well.”

Facing Naeem Akhtar, Rasheed told the education minister, “where are your anti-discrimination slogans. You talked about bringing together Kashmir and Jammu but now you are yourself discriminating.” He yelled at ruling PDP for “maintaining criminal silence”. “You have sold out your conscience against power.”

Later, Rasheed too walked out of the house.


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