Omar Led Regime Bulldozed the System of Governance: Mufti


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People’s Democratic Party (PDP) petron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Thursday alleged National Conference (NC)-Congress coalition government of having plundered the state exchequer leading the state into an unprecedented crisis.

“During the last six years the National Conference and Congress have brazenly plundered the state exchequer and it was all due to the misdeeds of both the parties that the Jammu and Kashmir state has been plunged into unprecedented crisis”, Mufti said at a function.

Mufti alleged Omar Abdullah led government of “bulldozing” the system of governance and “eroding” sanctity of democratic institutions just to enjoy power.

“Six years tenure of Omar Abdullah would be remembered as a period when all the democratic institutions were shamelessly bulldozed by the ruling elites just to enjoy absolute power”, he said and added that failure of State Government to conduct Urban Local Bodies elections reflects its “dictatorial” mindset.

Mufti added that Panchayat elections were conducted but the state government created hurdles in Panchayati Raj institutions in the state because those who were at the helm of the affairs were not interested to delegate powers.

“Instead of allowing democratic institutions to strengthen in J&K, state government has rather eroded sanctity of such institutions”, he alleged, and added that Congress was equally responsible for such misdeeds.


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