Omar Starts Door-To-Door Campaigning In Sonawar


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Chief Minister and National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah Wednesday asked PDP to explain its sudden and complete abandonment of the party’s ‘Self Rule’ document and slogans like dual currency in the State.

While starting his door-to-door campaigning in Sonawar constituency today, Omar lashed out at PDP for changing its flagship political ideology every two years and for raising half-baked political slogans at the behest of covert political forces only to abandon them later again at the behest of the same political masters.

“There was a time – as early as two years back – when there wasn’t a single public speech or a single press statement from PDP where ‘Self Rule’ didn’t find a mention. PDP’s politics used to revolve singularly around their slogan of ‘self rule’. The party leaders even went on tours around the State holding seminars on its ‘Self Rule’ document and talking about vague, impractical and half-baked concepts that had absolutely no logical ground. This whole drama was enacted by PDP at the behest of covert political forces and now the drama has been abandoned with equal enthusiasm again on the orders of these secret agencies”, Omar said.

While talking to party workers and voters in Sonawar constituency in Khanmoh and Nishat areas today, he asked them to repose their faith in National Conference at a juncture in history where serious efforts were being made to launch a political conquest into the State and to alter its ethos, special status and to abrogate Article 370. “The biggest tragedy is that in PDP these covert agencies have always found an ever-willing Trojan Horse that has infiltrated into the fortress of our State with an aim to weaken us internally. In their eagerness and excitement to appease certain quarters and to please its political handlers, PDP has with great contempt abandoned its own flagship political vision document and thrown it into a dustbin”, the NC working president said.

“National Conference has never wavered in our political ideology viz-a-viz the resolution of the Kashmir Issue, nor have we abandoned our demand for the restoration of Internal Autonomy as a viable solution to the political issue. Our stand on Article 370 similarly remains unchanged. However there are clear indications that PDP has a goal of facilitating the abrogation of Article 370. This is not surprising at all, given the fact that it was Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who played a key role in eroding Article 370 from 1953 to 1975 during his tenure in the Congress in the State,” he added.

Omar asked the voters to continue to be conscious of contemporary political history and remember how much ‘damage’ Mufti Sayeed had caused to Article 370 and the State’s special status. “Nothing could be more ironic today than the same Mufti Sahab talking about defending Article 370. Mufti Sahab where was your concern for Article 370 when you were a part of its erosion in the governments of G. M. Sadiq, Mir Qasim and Bakshi Ghulam Mohamamd? The day Mufti Sayeed answers this question and accepts his treacherous role in eroding Article 370 – we will stop questioning his hypocrisy on this matter”, Omar said.

He said that his vision for Sonawar’s development and prosperity was a part of his holistic vision for J&K’s progress and that he would leave no stone unturned to make Sonawar a Model Constituency in the entire country. “I want to make Sonawar an example of great public infrastructure, a spirited private sector growth and a hub for employment generation – an example that would be emulated by States around the country. I have grown up in Sonawar and live here – I have spent my childhood here and have a natural, emotional bond with all of you. I will involve the youth of Sonawar in my endeavor to usher it into a new era of growth and prosperity and it will be the youth that will lead J&K into a new future,” Omar said while campaigning in Khonmoh and Nishat areas of Sonawar Constituency.

The NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani, NC Provincial Secretary Advocate Showkat Ahmed Mir and sitting MLA from Sonawar Mohamamd Yaseen Shah also spoke on the occasion and accompanied the NC Working President during his door-to-door campaigning.



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