Omar supports demand of keeping division headquarters between Leh, Kargil on rotational basis



Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday impressed upon governor administration to issue immediate orders of keeping newly announced Ladakh division headquarters on a rotational basis between Leh and Kargil.

The spokesman quoting Omar said that one fails to understand as to why the incumbent governor administration has tangled the decision of giving due share to Kargil in administrative red-tapism.

“Government announcement of forming a committee of secretaries to look into the demand of rotational divisional headquarters is a measure to buy time. When the incumbent governor administration was mulling to grant divisional status to Ladakh then it should have taken into consideration the genuine sentiment of Leh, Kargil and other adjoining areas into consideration while deciding on the establishment of divisional headquarters. Kargil too should have been given its due share which didn’t happen for reasons known to administration,” Omar was quoted by the spokesman as saying.

“It seems the decision was taken in haste and is contrived to pitch one community against the other. Had the idea behind this act been to empower the people of Ladakh then the governor would have had large scale beforehand deliberations over the intricacies involved in the process,” he added.

“Given the fact that people in Kargil and elsewhere in Jammu have taken out huge processions demanding due representation to Kargil underscores the point that incumbent administration has failed to gauge the repercussions of their ill-advised move of keeping headquarters permanently at Leh. It seems they are more interested in playing to galleries which unfortunately has pitted one region against another,” the spokesman said.

Omar said what people of Kargil are demanding is not laced with communal overtones. The decision will impede the developmental prospects of many adjoining areas of Kargil including Zanskar and Draas.

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