Omar Thanks People For Reposing Faith In Him

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Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Saturday gave full credit to J&K people for reposing faith in him and giving the chance to serve the state during the last about six years.

Addressing the Legislative House on the last day of the last session of the 11th assembly, Omar appealed people to come out in huge numbers and elect their representatives to get their day-to-day issues highlighted at the highest forum.

“You have witnessed that the current Assembly during the last about six years besides discussing all issues pertaining to daily affairs of life of the people also deliberated and discussed issues about accession, autonomy, Article 370, law and order, security, development, and politics”, Omar said. “We are here to represent your aspirations and our success is measured on fulfilling the promises.”

Attacking BJP without naming it, Omar expressed surprise over its attitude of taking advantage of poll boycott just for petty party gains. “Conspiracy is being hatched to hoodwink electorate by utilizing the impact of poll boycott in some areas and by dividing the people in different areas. The gulf they are creating for poll benefits cannot be engulfed even after years of completion of election,” Omar said. “They should fight the election on principals and ideologies and accept the people’s decision.” He referred to the divide created before 2008 elections and warned that attempts are being made to disturb peace and create wedge between various sections of the society.

Omar said that development of power remained on focus and the government during last about six years laid foundation for production of 1500 MWs of power as against 750 MWs since Independence to 2008. He said whosoever will inaugurate these projects in near future but the fact is that these projects will give considerable relief to the people on power supply front which has remained troublesome for a long time in the State.

The Chief Minister said the militancy has reduced by 80 percent and government’s various decisions regarding restoration of peace and tranquility have yielded positive results.

He said Rehabilitation Policy for youth who had crossed LoC and wanted to return peacefully was implemented during his tenure. He said 350 youth have returned back under this Policy in dignified way. He said Reservation for Pahari People passed in the current Assembly Session is yet another people-friendly and historic step taken by the government. He said reservation for OSCs has also been enhanced.

Highlighting the importance of Institutions, Omar Abdullah said that these institutions should not be denigrated on personal grounds. “We should not harm these Institutions by judging these on our personal grounds”, he said adding that the success of the Institution does not lie in the success or loss of any person. “If we win the election and describe the process rightful and true and if we lose it raise finger against it, that is not the criterion and it tells upon the Institution”, he said and added that the success of Institutions and the success of people is the ultimate goal and these should be the winners in all situations.

Omar Abdullah criticized a particular media house for handing over verdict of ‘anti-national’ to the duly elected House of people of Jammu and Kashmir for passing a resolution regarding the need of restoration of talks between India and Pakistan. He said that any anchor who has no experience of putting his life to risk just like the public representatives of Jammu and Kashmir to strengthen the Country and safeguard the State ought not to pass judgement in a television studio on the credentials of the elected representatives of the people who have taken oath for the Country and give sacrifice for it.

The Chief Minister said that the elected representatives differ in their political ideologies adding that some are against Article 370 while others are in favour of its further strengthening but all are on same page so far as the strengthening and safeguarding the Country is concerned.

The Chief Minister said that no State Legislative Assembly other than Jammu and Kashmir was attacked by militants and martyred the staff and security. He said there is no political party in Jammu and Kashmir whose members have not been killed and attacked by the militants. He said that keeping security personnel with Legislators is by compulsion as their life is always under threat. He said his Party, ‘NC’ has given sacrifice of its 8000 members for the State, Country and democracy. He said they have not done it to be declared anti-national by a TV channel.

“They have scarified for the Country and the State. We are saying to resolve the issues through the talks. What is the other way round? Should we say that war be waged putting the life of the Army and civilian to all kinds of risks and dangers that we will be declared Nationalists by the TV anchor?” he questioned and referred to the contribution of the public representatives towards strengthening of the Country, State and the democracy.

The Chief Minister also criticized the cancelling of talks by the Centre Government with Pakistan on the ground of separatists having tea with the Pakistan High Commission Authorities. He said such tea parties used to take place in the past from the time of Prime Minister Narsimha Rao but dialogue process between India and Pakistan was not stopped on this ground.

Omar Abdullah referred to the militant attacks on Parliament and on Mumbai and stopping of dialogue process on both the occasions. He said talks were re-started despite the fact that the conditions put forth by the India were not fulfilled by the Pakistan. He said dialogue is only way forward to address issues.


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