Omar Tweets; Deal was already done, delay was to undo damage in valley

Tasavur Mushtaq


Omar Abdullah File Photo By Bilal Bahadur
Omar Abdullah File Photo By Bilal Bahadur

Accusing Mufti Muhammad Sayeed of enacting ‘drama’ over government formation, National Conference working President Omar Abdullah Saturday said that ‘there actually was no problem between BJP and PDP.

Tech savvy former Chief Minister reacted on micro blogging site twitter immediately after the reports confirmed about the ‘deal done’ between PDP and BJP.

“Only an idiot would have concluded that Mufti Syed’s drama over the last few days meant PDP-BJP were actually having difficulty joining up.” Omar wrote.

Lashing out at Mufti for trying to have an ‘image of tough guy’, Omar said that the delay was a tactic to ‘undo damage in the valley.’

“The PDP-BJP tie up was a done deal ages ago, all this was just Mufti Syed’s grandstanding as a tough guy to undo the damage in the valley,” tweets Omar.


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