On Board an Aeroplane, Kashmiri Doctor Saves a Child



Dr Khurshid Guru
Dr Khurshid Guru

A Kashmir doctor has saved a child suffering an asthma attack on board a flight.

Based in Buffalo, the United States, Dr Khurshid Guru was flying from Spain to the US. He is from Srinagar.

Known for being innovative, Dr Khurshid Guru was called into action in mid-air. “It was the fourth hour of a seven-and-a-half hour flight when Dr Guru heard the call for a physician on board,” wgrz.com reported. “The 2-year old child needed his asthma medication, but his parents accidentally had them packed in the checked luggage.”

There were no paediatric supplies on board the flight. Dr Guru used a water bottle, a cup, tape and an oxygen tank to connect to an adult nebulizer to save the child.

“It’s a personal wake up call for families to make sure you carry these small things,” Dr Guru said. “If you have a child with asthma, their nebulizer and medication should be handy with you,” the report quoted him as having said.

“The parents of the child did not speak English but Dr Guru said the mother was crying,” the report added.

Dr Guru has studied Urologic Surgery at Henry Ford Health System, Beth Israel Medical Centre and a University at Buffalo.

Presently, Dr Guru is the Director of Robotic Surgery at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. A few years ago, Dr Guru worked with a UB collaborator to develop one of the first robotic surgical simulators, called the RoSS. In November, he will receive the Thomas B Tomasi MD, PhD Hope Award.


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