PDP-BJP Coalition will Handle Beef Issue in a Better Way: Ram Madhav



The BJP Secretary General and Incharge Kashmir affairs, Ram Madhav Wednesday said that the ruling coalition partners of J&K government will handle all issues in a better way.

He was talking to reporters in Jammu after holding three meeting with BJP ministers, legislators and other party functionaries.

“All other issues, including beef ban, our PDP-BJP government will handle these issues in a better way,” Madhav said.

Notably, PDP-BJP government on Tuesday order dismissal of AAG and DAG. The duo are said that to have “not handled the beef ban case in a better way”.

PDP and BJP coalition partners have a face-off on the issue of beef-ban, imposing of tax of vaishnodevi helicopters and sacking of AAG and DAG, which the BJP has termed as unilateral decision of PDP and condemned it.

“It is a government of PDP and BJP. Governments take decisions. All these issues will be discussed by the members in the government, ministers and others. They will tell you,” he said.

On the question of unilateral decision taken by the PDP on several issues, he said, “Our people will brief you on how and what grounds they were taken.”

“There are issues raised, which we have debated in totality. We want that government should function well on the common minimum programme and work for the interest of the state. This was our aim for holding such meetings today,” he said.

“A coalition government is ruling J&K. We keep on meeting the leaders, the ministers and the legislators of the party to listen to them and provide them directions from time to time during the meetings,” he said while spelling out the reason for his today’s visit.

“This endeavor is going on and I keep coming to J&K in this regard. Earlier too I had come to Katra and held such meetings. Today also we sat for the whole day in the meetings with all of them,” he said.

Replying to another question whether there was any difference between PDP and BJP in LAHDC elections in Leh, he said “there is no difference”.


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