On Skill Dev, Entrepreneurship CM asks Opp, ‘If you have an Idea, Please Share It’

Riyaz Ul Khaliq


CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti
CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti

Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that her government has asked corporate houses already working in Kashmir to engage Kashmir youth and train them.

Ms Mufti was responding to many supplementaries during Question Hour of the current 2016-17 J&K Budget Session.

Asserting that lawmakers in the house should not blame each other, Ms Mufti said, “today, it is our responsibility as we are occupying the treasury benches. But, we have to put our collective efforts to ensure employment for our youth.”

In response to a question whether PDP-BJP government was thinking about launching Rehbar-e-Khel Scheme for Physical Education Trained youth, the CM said, “we are involving Private Education Sector. I have told some schools to engage our sports champions and this way we will ensure that youth are engaged and get employment.”

She added that every one can’t get government job. “We have schemes like Udaan but what my government has tried is to get the companies to J&K and get our youth trained here so that we are able to use their expertise in state itself,” the CM said. “Otherwise, the youth who would be trained under Udaan were employed outside J&K.”

The CM added that under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), her government has involved “big” Corporate Houses which will adopt one Polytechnic each under CSR to “enhance the value” of the colleges. “30 such institutions have been identified,” she said.

“In this century, we still demand to get backward status for our areas,” she told the house, “but we need to move ahead.”

Lauding the civil administrative officials for their work, CM Mehbooba said, pointing towards ‘Official Gallery’, “you trust them, they will do wonders. I have told my officials to spend two days in fields to bet the work done. “Otherwise, you are aware how governance is done in J&K,” she told the Opposition members.

Seeking cooperation and support from Opposition lawmakers to make various initiatives taken up by her government viz-a-viz entrepreneurship and skill development, CM Ms Mehbooba said, “we are not doing any project exclusively in our areas (constituencies), the steps taken are for whole J&K.” “If you have any idea which can ensure employment for our youth, please share it,” she asked the Opposition, “or if we have started any project in your respective constituencies, please ensure that is implemented. I am with you; my officials are present 24*7.”

“I can’t do it single handedly,” she said, “unemployment is an issue which surpasses the party divide.”

Maintaining that J&K has huge tourism potential, she said, “the sector is getting boost and we are getting trainers to teach our youth in landscape areas; and train them as tourist guides.”

Earlier, the government in a written reply informed the state legislature that six companies engaged in implementing various projects across the state have 2609 people on its rolls. Of them 2061 are locals. These include Sarvonik BCC Co having 658 employees including 588 locals; Gammon India Ltd having 50 its 56 employees as locals; Navyuga Engineering Company jhas757 employees of its 928 employees as local residents; HCC Ltd has 67 employees of whom 48 are locals; and HCC Ltd Rail Link project has 398 employees with 221 as locals and AFCONS having 502 employees, 397 are locals.


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