On the Eve of New ‘Hijri’ Year, Mirwaiz Expresses Greetings



Mirwaiz-Umar-FarooqThe Head priest of Kashmir, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has expressed greetings and well wishes to the entire Muslims in general and Muslims of Kashmir in particular, on the beginning of new Hijri (Islamic) calendar.

According to a statement issued here, Mirwaiz Umar expressed hope that this year will bring peace, stability and prosperity to all the Muslims of the world and Muslim world will see an end to all the conflicts going on.

In his New Hijri Year message, Mirwaiz said, “every New Hijri Year makes us take stock of our lives and look back into our past so that we can make our present and our future better.”

He said on the arrival of the New Year, “we should make a new beginning in our lives and try to submit to the will of Almighty Allah in all the ways possible and prove our love to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by treading on his footprints.”

The Hurriyat (m) Chairperson said, “if we follow the path ordered by the Almighty Allah and shown by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), we can make our lives better both in this world and hereafter.”

Mirwaiz said, “to face the challenges, Islam and the Muslim world is facing today, Muslims needed to follow the teachings of Quran, Sunnah and have complete unity by overcoming their differences.” “Muslims should believe in the principle of justice and fair play as taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and believe only in the supremacy of the Almighty Allah.”


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