Only 1 Square KM of Wular Lake Restored, Reveals Government

Ubeer Naqushbandi


KL file Image of Wular Lake.
KL file Image of Wular Lake.

As de-silting and human encroachment are threatening the existence of Wular, Asia’s largest freshwater lake, the government until now has only been able to de-silt one square kilometre area of the critically silted 27 square kilometre area of the lake.

The Wular Lake which according to government records is spanned over 130 square kilometres, the government said that in 2012 it had constituted a committee under Wular Conservation and Management Authority (WUCMA) under SRO-314 to conserve the lake.

Besides, this Comprehensive Management Action Plan (CMAP) of Rs 386 crore was also earlier framed in 2007-08 for the conservation and eco-restoration of Wular Lake. Out of planed Rs 386 Crores, Rs 120 Crore was sanctioned. Until now, out of the released Rs 60 Crore, Rs 45.39 Crore have been utilised.

The government said that Rs 9.88 Lakh cubic meters dredging including of Wular’s feeder i.e. Naaz Nallah, which amounts to one square kilometre has been carried out until now.

The government also said that demarcation of Wular Lake using GPS and Remote Sensing technology has been carried out. The steps like erecting of 1452 boundary pillars around the lake, besides planting of 12.30 lac saplings were also planted in highly degraded areas of the lake.


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