Only Kashmiris Can Feel The Pain Of Delhi Rape Victim: Rasheed

KL Report


While condemning the recent gang rape incident of a 25 year old student in New Delhi, independent lawmaker Er Rasheed has demanded for the punishment of culprits and said that only Kashmiris can understand the pain of the victim. However, he asked New-Delhi that there can be nothing shameful than the fact that it is adopting double standards regarding loosing honor and dignity by women when it comes to Kashmir.

Rasheed said that who other than Kashmiris can better understand the pain and the grief as a result of such barbaric incidents as they have seen such countless incidents including that of Kunan-Poshpora mass rape and Tabinda Gani rape and murder case.

“One must applaud Indian politicians, Print and electronic media, intellectuals, students and human rights activists for taking to streets and raising their voice against the Delhi gang rape case from Sheela Dixit’s house to parliament but it is astonishing and so sad when these people keep mum if incidents worst than the Delhi ones take place in Kashmir”, Rasheed said in a party statement. “The history is witness to those incidents like Kunan Poshpora which have been ignored in the name of so called national interest and the incidents are being interpreted as propaganda by anti-national elements”, he said.

MLA Langate in his statement has asked if just one incident has shaken the whole India why they are not feeling the pain of Kashmiris who are witness to dozens of incidents during past two decades. He asked Congress and BJP top brasses who are rightly seeking death punishment for the Delhi rapists why they are not asking their lawmakers in Jammu and Kashmir that why they played down Kunan Poshpora incident when it came up in the state assembly March this year as state govt. had thrown the recommendations of State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) seeking punishment for culprits and compensation for victims into the dustbin.

MLA Langate reminded former chief ministers Ghulam Nabi Azad and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah about their hollow assurances and false promises to give justice to Tabinda Gani who was raped and murdered and then government had announced establishing of fast track court to punish the culprits involved in the heinous crime.

He appealed the political parties of the state to learn lessons from the recent Delhi incident and rise to the occasion and ensure that culprits involved in Kunan Poshpora and Tabinda Gani cases are hanged as soon as possible.


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