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Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and MP Muzaffar Hussain Beig Saturday clarified the media reports that he was negotiating the government formation with BJP.

Talking to KNS he said, “Those who accuse me that I am part of negotiations with BJP are wrong. I have no offer from my party to mediate for government formation with the BJP. I am nowhere part of deliberations with the BJP on this issue. Our party has authorized one leader to talk with BJP but I don’t know where the talks have reached. But I am sure when it will reach to some stage Mufti (Mohamamd Sayeed) sahib will ask us for our opinion.”

However, he said, he met BJP General Secretary before election results. “We discussed political situation during our meeting. I told him that when we (PDP) formed government with Congress in 2002 we had a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) and today also if we form government with any party we will kike to have a CMP. I also told him (BJP General Secretary) that main reason for failure of National Conference-Congress government was that it had no CMP. I said it that day and I repeat it today,” Beig said.

On continuing stalemate over the government formation, he said, “PDP has option of going with either Congress or BJP. But it is to be seen how sincere Congress is in its offer of support to PDP. PDP has to take a decision now as delay in government formation will create doubts in the minds of people and they will be disappointed that despite voting in huge numbers, there has been governor rule.”

The former Deputy Chief Minister said, that only PDP-BJP have the requisite number to form a stable government. “IF BJP and NC or PDP and Congress form the coalition both will have 40 members and will have to take support of four independents. If tomorrow one or two independents leave the coalition, the government will fall and that is why I am saying only PDP-BJP can form the stable government,” he added.

However, Beig said it will be a challenge for both PDP and BJP if the enter into a coalition as BJP has to answer before the people of India and “we have to answer before the people of Jammu and Kashmir.” “There are lots of issues for both the parties. If government formation would have been an issue it would have been formed within two days. Aspirations of both people form Jammu and Kashmir have to be taken care of,” he said.

The PDP leader said that delay in government formation was giving advantage to those who propagate election boycott. “They are taking full advantage of this situation. Those who write columns in newspapers and oppose PDP-BJP coalition I don’t know at whose behest they are doing it. Whether they are doing it at the behest of NC, Congress or Hurriyat?”

He appreciated NC leader Mustafa Kamal’s recent statement that separatists have no role in government formation and they should keep their advices to them only.


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