Opensignal ranks India to have slowest 4G LTE speed, even below Pakistan

by Umar Khurshid

Srinagar: India was once again ranked last in the list of 4G LTE Speed in the World. A survey by London-based wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal has revealed that India’s ranking in 4G LTE Speed is even below than Pakistan.

India’s internet speed was found to be 6.07 Mbps, while Pakistan enjoys 13.56 Mbps speed. Singapore topped the chart of 4G LTE Speed with 44.31 Mbps.

According to OpenSignal’s “State of LTE” report, India has risen to the 14th position in 4G availability in the world, but its average 4G downloads are below 10 Mbps.

South Korea scored highest in 4G availability. “In the history of State of LTE report, only two countries, Japan and South Korea, have ever surpassed the 90% 4G availability mark. However, in open signal’s latest test period, two more countries and one territory made that leap: Norway, Hong Kong, and the US,” a report by OpenSignal said.

 OpenSignal has found that in the fastest countries average LTE download speeds have stalled at just over 45 Mbps. The industry is still waiting on that spark which will push the speed beyond 50 Mbps on a national level, the report said.

For this report, OpenSignal has collected data from 58,752,909,949 data points from 4,852,320 users.


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