Operation ‘Shiva’ Move To Malign Freedom Struggle: Geelani

KL Report


Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G)  Syed Ali Geelani has termed the proposed Operation ‘Shiva’ a well planed game by Indian authorities and said it is a calculated   move and aimed at to malign and discredit ongoing freedom struggle and added that no such threat exists either from people or militants.

“It is highly deplorable,” said Syed Ali Geelani and added that “India is trying to mislead its people and  international community.”

“Amarnath Shrine Board runs a  state with in a state. The board has turned a simple religious tradition  into a military aggression against the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Geelani said in a statement on Wednesday.

Geelani announced that operation Shiva  is proposed to create misconceptions with respect to  ongoing freedom movement  and added that it has its multi dimensional   implications.

“Its main objective is to handover Yatra route to armed forces” and added their prime objective is to project movement a sectarian strife against a particular sect   and defame freedom struggle and create worries and apprehensions.

Geelani termed the proposed plan as uncalled and added that the propaganda regarding the threat from militants or common man is baseless, ridiculous and termed propaganda as fiction .

Geelani stated that people of Jammu and Kashmir are not communal and has nothing to do with sectarian politics.

“The people of Jammu and Kashmir are famous for their humble nature” and added that since last 150 years the Amar Nath Yatra is being conducted and during all this period the people of Jammu and Kashmir have treated yatris with the unique hospitality.

Geelani while recalling the blockades of supplies by some sections of People belonging to Jammu added that in year 2008 and 2010 during the people’s uprising  when forces were showering the bullets and killing innocent  Kashmiris  but contrary to this the local people served and supplied the necessary food items to desperate  yatris .

While referring to the major incidents like Chati Singhpora and Alfaran episode Geelani said that  Indian Army under the garb of these fake episodes in the past had tried to give bade name to freedom struggle and in future such shrewd ploy aimed at to malign the movement cannot be ruled out. The whole matter is the part of their well fabricated scheme and there are no such threats from any section of militants and it is the handiwork of forces and deliberate attempt to create confusion and misconceptions, said Geelani.

“Now the international community won’t believe and  now it has been realized by world, that in past the forces were the master mind behind the mysterious massacres but as of now the world understands that there plot is to discredit Mujahedeen,” said Geelani.

While reiterating his demand to handover Amaranth shrine Board to local Pandits , Geelani urged to run Yatra on Gangotri type and added the number of visiting yatris be limited to save the fragile atmosphere.

Terming it an invasion and military intervention, Geelani said that  by allowing 16 thousand yatris a day  to cave  have turned the  a simple pilgrimage into a political aggression against people of Jammu and Kashmir said Syed Ali Geelani and added that it is simply an invasion and military intervention.

“It is detrimental for local forests, water resources and added the main objective of the Indian policymakers is to suppress the Kashmir nation,” he said.



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