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Reacting to PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s statement that the party was in informal negotiation with the BJP and depending upon the areas of convergence a coalition would be formed on the basis of Common Minimum Programme (CMP), National Conference General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar Saturday termed it as worst example of opportunism.

“Now the cat has come out of bag. It is clear what NC used to say that BJP and PDP were in secret alliance. They tried to befool people by saying that they will stop Saffron juggernaut, but now it is clear what they wanted,” Sagar told news gathere KNS.

“They (PDP) wanted to buy time. They can’t say we had no option. Both NC and Congress had offered support to them. This is the worst example of opportunism. They had sought votes against Modi juggernaut. They had claimed that if anybody can stop BJP it is PDP but now they did reverse of it. NC had never sought votes against Modi in Assembly election,” he said.

The NC leader claimed the reality is that PDP wants power and for that they can stoop low. “Power they could have enjoyed still without entering into an alliance with the BJP as both NC and Congress had offered them support. But it is good that now PDP stands exposed. NC had been saying it for the last 12 years that PDP was created to scuttle Autonomy move of NC,” he said.

Sagar said people should now understand the game plan of PDP. “If they go with BJP they will have to answer people. In J&K only development doesn’t work. The development Omar Abdullah did in last six years no Chief Minister can do,” he said.


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