Opposition Accuses Taj of ‘Chor Machae Shor’ Drill


KL Desk

In a joint statement, Legislative Council Members belonging to the opposition PDP and Panthers Party took a strong exception to the contemptuous remarks of Taj Mohi ud din made during a press conference in Jammu on November 13, and termed it as a ‘Chor Machae Shor’ drill.

Describing Taj’s utterances at a press conference as a mixed bag of lies, contradictions, false statements and suppression of facts, the members denounced him for undermining the authority and importance of the house.

“By using the foul mouthed and ill-bred expressions, Taj has brought disrepute to the honorable institution of a Legislator,” said the members.

“Using indecent and unparliamentary language against the Chairman of the Legislative Council is an act of frustration and indecency,” they added.

The members said that they are considering a motion for breach of privilege against Taj for his contemptuous remarks against the institution.


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