Opposition Parties still studying New Administrative Units report

KL Report


After the creation of new administrative units in the state, most of the mainstream political parties Sunday reserved their comments over the development saying they were analyzing the report.

Opposition, Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) earlier having accused that the creation of new administrative units in the state is ‘a fixed match’ on Sunday refused to comment on the same saying that a proper statement will be issued on the matter after the party finishes studying the report.

The PDP had earlier also demanded Mushtaq Ganaie report be made public so that the people of the state could give their respective opinions over the issue. “We will make our observations public soon after studying the report. We have to analyze certain points and we don’t want to comment in haste,” said chief spokesman PDP Naem Akhtar.

CPI (M) State Secretary Yousuf Tarigami said that the report needs a thorough study not in terms of ‘embedded political maneuvering by the two coalition partners’ but it will have to go deep into the financial implications of the cabinet decision. “We have from day one said that it should be a pro people exercise and the same should not be used for any political gains. But one can say anything about this report only after going through it properly,” Tarigami, said.

Peoples’ Conference Chairman Sajad Lone who earlier had accused that the creation of new administrative units in the state is ‘a vote fetching exercise by the present dispensation’, Sunday stated that he is yet to study the report.  “I was busy in interacting with the people. Once I am free only then I can study the report and opine over the issue.” Sajad said that he has received several complaints over the creation of new units but he is waiting to study the report first.


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