Hurriyat (JK), Hurriyat (G) undermined joint program: Malik

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“The path of resistance and sacrifice shown by father of Kashmiri nation Mohammad Maqbool Bhat on 11th February 1984 and followed by son of Kashmir’s soil Mohammad Afzal Guru on February 9, 2013 is our precious treasure and the people of Kashmir will never forget the sacrifices of these great martyrs,” Mohammad Yasin Malik, chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front   (JKLF) said on Sunday.

According to a statement Malik said that it was his desire to forge unity among all the resistance groups over the programs in connection with the ‘martyrdom’ anniversaries of Bhat and Guru. “Contrary to our desire, one of the Hurriyat (JK), ironically issued 2-days strike call 3 weeks earlier and another Hurriyat (G) undermined the effort by issuing 3-days strike call even when the negotiations, for the issuance of the programs in unison, were going on. We don’t want to create chaos among the people further and appeal them to follow the already issued programs by various parties.”

Malik was addressing a meeting held in connection with the ‘martyrdom’ anniversaries of Bhat and Guru. The meeting attended by senior JKLF leaders and activists held detailed deliberations.

Addressing the meeting, Malik said that 11th February is one of the most important days of our 5 thousand year old history. “On this day our great leader and ideologue Mohammad Maqbool Bhat refused to budge before oppression and oppressors and embraced martyrdom on gallows without compromising on great values and principles.”

Malik said that Bhat was not an ordinary Kashmiri; he was an intellectual who had mastered in several subjects. He was working as a journalist and could have easily spent a luxurious life in Pakistan or ‘Azad Kashmir’. But Bhat refused all these luxuries and instead chose the way of resistance and sacrifices for the liberation of his nation Jammu Kashmir.

Yasin Malik said that Lakhs of Kashmiris followed the footsteps of Bhat and rendered sacrifices in the path of liberation.

Malik said that Mohammad Afzal Guru following Bhat’s footsteps, kissed the gallows and exhibited steadfastness in the way of resistance.

“On 9th February India repeated its tyrannical approach and sent Mohammad Afzal Guru to gallows in the same manner as it did with Maqbool Bhat sahib. Afzal Shaheed’s mortal remains were also refused to be handed over to his land and he too was buried along side with Maqbool sahib inside Tihar jail.

Malik said that this year it was his desire to forge some kind of unanimity between various resistance groups on the issue of protest programs. “Our intention was to create an atmosphere that will not confuse people,” he said adding “before we could start our efforts, ironically Hurriat (JK) issued 2 days strike calendar before 3 weeks. We still tried to continue the efforts and contacted Hurriat (G) but to our surprise this Hurriat also undermined this effort and issued a calendar of 3 days strike that too during the course of joint negotiations.”

Malik said that JKLF by issuing another program does not want to add to the confusion of people and appeals the people of Jammu Kashmir to follow the already issued calendars in this regard.

Announcing a ten day program in connection with the martyrdom anniversaries, Malik said that on 3rdFeb 2014 condolence programs will be held in Pulwama and Shupian, on 4th Feb programs will be held at Baramullah and Bandipora, on 6th Feb in Islamabad and Kulgam, on 7th Feb in Ganderbal, Budgam and Kupwara districts and on 10th Feb same kind of programs will be held across Jammu division.

“On 9th February 2014    JKLF will organize a protest rally in Lal Chowk Srinagar .the protest rally will raise its voice for the return of mortal remains of Bhat and Guru.”

“In connection with the programs of Maqbool day, programs will be held across all major cities of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. Many programs will also be held in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Belgium, Holland, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Brussels etc. on 16th and 26th February 2014 public rallies will be held in Belgium and Natingam UK  in connection with the Maqbool day. These programs will be organized by JKLF UK and Europe zone.”


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