Opposition questions how list of casual labours increased from 60,000 to over one lakh

Tahir Bhat

Jammu: Opposition parties National Conference and Congress MLAs on Tuesday showed resentment over the increasing number of casual labours to be regularised as per the new government policy issued vide SRO 520 dated 21-12-2017, adding that several backdoor entries were also included in the list.

Raising the supplementary to the question of MLA Kangan Mian Altaf Ahmed, NC legislator Altaf Kaloo asked the Finance Minister to clear the fuss about how the number of casual labours increases from 60000 to over one lac. Supported by other party leaders Shameema Firdous, Abdul Majed Larmi, Ali Mohammad Sagar and others, the NC legislators allege fudging the list by adding people who are 90 years old on the list.

“We will give you the proof of the presence of 90 years, 70-year-old in the list,” Said NC legislator Larmi and accuses the government of making backdoor entries of employees currently working in Jammu and Kashmir Bank.

“You have robbed the JK Bank, People are now frightened to invest in the bank— you made 3500 illegal and backdoor appointments in JK bank” Larmi shouted at Finance Minister Dr Drabu.

Altaf Kaloo asked the Finance Minister to investigate the matter that how the number of wagers increased from one point to another as this will make a direct impact on the genuine cases.

Kaloo question the silence of ruling party MLAs of hand in the glow of not raising the voice over the issue. “I am sure you too have got the share in this” Kaloo shouted at treasury benches.

Earlier Dr Haseeb Drabu informs the house that 100501 Casual Workers and labours were enrolled in the list for regularisation as per the SRO 520.


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