Order in the face of mayhem

Danish Rashid

Japan has seen one of the worst natural calamities in the recent history which has devastated towns and villages. A terrible earthquake, which read 9.0 on the Richter scale struck the country which was followed by a Tsunami with more than four meter high waves ravaging its northern provinces. The death toll is feared to reach 20,000. It was the preparedness of the Japanese people that has kept the death toll down in the face such large scale mayhem. It is the world’s most advanced knowledge society, with highest education standards and quality research being their hallmarks.

When millions of people faced depravation after the powerful earthquake, massive tsunami and resulting nuclear emergency, the rescue workers were doing their job in extremely professional manner recovering bodies that were washed up on Japan’s northeastern shores on the fourth day of the tragedy.

Even when Japan lost much of its infrastructure and refined lifestyle the country retained its decorum.

When multiple tragedies have struck it taking a huge toll on life, property and infrastructure, Japan responded with its politeness and strengths. Not a single report of theft, robbery, overcharging, hoarding has appeared in the media. Long lines of traffic could be seen moving on snail’s pace but nobody would honk.

On display was the discipline and adorable character of a highly civilised people in the times of distress. The order in the face of mayhem exhibited by the brave people could only be marvelled at.

With no power or running water and limited supplies of food, many Japanese are going hungry, thirsty and cold as they cope with near-freezing temperatures along the northeastern coast, where many communities have been wiped out.

Before the multiple tragedy Japan was one of the most comfortable nations in the world and an economy only surpassed by the US and China. Deliveries of food and other supplies were meeting only 10 percent of the people’s needs and that body bags were in short supply, with local crematoriums overwhelmed.

The weather was hampering relief and recovery efforts already made difficult by continuous high intensity aftershocks and fears of new tsunamis.

A major news network reported an incident at a convenience store in one battered coastal prefecture, where a store manager turned to a private electrical generator. When the generator stopped working and the cash register no longer could open, customers who had been waiting in line quietly returned their items to the shelves.

Japan is one of the world’s most peaceful, homogeneous society, which has illustrated their unique approach to adversity and to life.
They will definitely rise from the crisis as they did after Tokyo was severely bombarded in WW2 and its two cities nuked. May they recover soon. Amen!


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