Organise Sanctity Day for Holy Quran on Monday: Geelani

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Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani has announced to organize, Sanctity Day for Holy Quran on Monday and has appealed religious scholars and imams of masjids to offer congregational Fateh Khawni after prayers for those who embraced martyrdom in Gool firing.

In a statement Geelani stressed religious clerics to explain and highlight the tragic event of desecration of Holy Quran and make aware people about the fact that Muslims are duty bound to fight those elements that consciously attempt the desecration and added the negligence from this obligation tantamount to invite wrath of Almighty Allah.

He blamed the government agencies and said instead to focus the desecration incident they in order to divert the attention do concentrate on the evidences only. “Omer Abdullah led administration has unleashed a reign of terror and arrested hundreds of youth who were protesting against the Gool incident. Scores of protesters were seriously injured by bullets and pellet guns. Arrested youth are being subjected to severe torture in police stations,” he alleged.

The Hurriyat (G) chairman said that the ongoing movement commenced when in 1931 Muslims of Jammu protested and raised their voice against the desecration of Holy Quran “and this incident reminds us that after 83 years, the same process is underway even today.” “Gool incident is not the first of its kind but Indian forces from the first day of their occupation and particularly since last 23 years have committed such heinous acts. However, till now neither any official involved in this crime was punished or questioned,” he alleged.

Geelani said that in such situations it is obligatory for Muslims to resist such move and do their best efforts to push back “occupant forces  form the land of Awliya Kiram.” In his specific appeal to people of Jammu province he said that they should consider the motive behind the Gool incident and killings of four innocent protesters and added that they in no case should support these politicians “who for the lust of power legitimize their occupation and are hand in glow with those who desecrated Holy Quran.”

Geelani expressed his deep concern over inhuman and cruel approach against the youth and added Hurriyat Conference is keeping a close watch over the situation. “If this practice is not stopped forth with, Hurriyat will announce its counter strategy against the highhandedness of police,” he warned.




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