Organize Mass Prayers In Absentia On Friday For Martyrs Of Egypt: Geelani

KL Report


Terming present military leadership in Egypt as Pharaoh’s and agents of infidels, senior separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani  has expressed shock and deep sorrow over  brutal massacre of innocent civilians in Egypt and asked people of Jammu Kashmir to offer prayers in absentia for martyrs and special prayers for the those striving for Islamization of Muslim world.

In a statement on Thursday Geelani said that history stands testimony that anti Islam-lobbies succeeded in their designs when traitors and stooges like Abdul Fatah Seesi were available within the folds of Muslim Ummah.

Geelani while lashing at anti Islam lobbies said that Egypt ever since its perception has remained a battlefield for those striving for righteous path and those opposing this sacred mission and added that in every period in history, the people in power (pharaohs) resorted to brutal  killing  of innocent children.

Comparing present military regime with Pharaoh’s, Geelani said that they are killing the members of Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan ul Muslimeen) and ousted  elected regime of Mohammad Mursi while resorting to an unconstitutional manner.

“The military coup has exposed so-called champions of democracy and Arab imperialistic rulers. These people are enjoying power without consent of  their people,” said Geelani and added that democratically elected government of Muhammad Mursi was an eye sore for these anti-Islamic lobbies and kings and royals were scared of revolution.

Geelani while in his warning to West and its stooges, said that world has reached the threshold of an Islamic revolution.

Lamenting Egyptian army, Geelani said that they are acting on the behest of West and added they with all their power can create obstacles in the way of revolution for some time or more, however, the process of change has achieved a remarkable pace and now It is not possible to stop the process for Islamization.

Geelani in his appeal to people of Jammu and Kashmir asked to organize  mass prayers in absentia (Gaibana Jinaza) on Friday for martyrs of Egypt and said that Islam and its concept of state and freedom is pivot for our present  freedom struggle and added that people in Egypt  are striving for a righteous Islamic Revolution, offering sacrifices  and deserve all our sympathy and attention and added that it is our duty to raise our voice against the immense atrocities the Egyptian people  are facing.


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