Ratanpuri Has Some Personal Animosity With Rana: Shariq

KL Report


Member Parliament and National Conference senior leader Sharief-u-Din Shariq Thursday advised his colleague Ghulam Nabi Ratanpuri to refrain from issuing ‘irresponsible’ statements.

“How is it possible that National Conference, which believes in religious harmony would encourage communal forces and join ranks of BJP and RSS. Ratanpuri has some personal animosity with Davinder Singh Rana and it this animosity, which makes him issue ‘irresponsible’ statements against the party,” Shariq told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that Ratanpuri is acting like a child.

He said that the basic reason why the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah distanced himself from Ratanpuri is that he (Ratanpuri) is having personal animosity with former advisor to CM, Davinder Singh Rana.

“Ratanpuri is my colleague and friend but I suggest him not to make any statement which defames our party,” he said.



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