Organize Special Prayers for Stability of Pakistan: Geelani tells Imams



Extending heartfelt greetings to the people of Pakistani on eve of Independence Day, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani appealed people of Kashmir and Imams of Masaajid to organize “special prayers for the stability, prosperity and peace of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and aware the public about the significance and value of the existence of this country”.

“Pakistan is the only country in the whole world which openly supports the right to self determination for the people of Kashmir and supports our freedom struggle on political, diplomatic and moral levels,” Geelani said in a statement Wednesday evening.

“The Islamic Republic Pakistan is the centre of the wishes, hope and feelings of the oppressed Kashmiri people and after Almighty Allah, Pakistan is the only visible support who every time highlights our miseries and supports our freedom movement on national and international forums. The existence of Pakistan has proven to be a ‘Great Blessing’ for the Muslims of the entire world especially for the Muslims residing in this South Asian region and its creation has played a vital role in the recognition of the existence of a community which was known as minorities in the sub-continent,” he said.

Commenting over the status of the Muslims living in India, octogenarian Hurriyat leader said, “even after the 68 years, the communal minded people of India are yet to accept the existence of those Muslims who remained with India and they are still looked with suspect eyes in this country.”

According to the government constituted “Justice Sacher Committee” report, the statement said, “the Muslims are continuously being pushed backward in every sphere of the life and they are being treated as second class citizens in India. Their life, property, honour, dignity and even their religious identity are not safe at the hands of the fanatic and communal forces.”

Geelani added, “if the creation of Pakistan would not had happened then the condition of the Muslims of the sub-continent would have been same as in India and they would have to live on the mercy of the fascist forces. The pro-freedom leader said that our affection and attachment with the Pakistan is not merely on the bases of emotions but we have strong reasons and arguments in support of that. If Pakistan would not have openly come in support of the Kashmiri nation, then for demanding their rights, they would had been bombarded by India long before and they would had been eliminated from the world map.”

Expressing his concern over the present situation of Pakistan, Geelani further said, “this country is the worst victim of the collective conspiracies of America, Israel and India and on the other hand some unpleasant friends are internally troubling this country.”

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