‘Our Fate Seems To Be Written With The Different Pen’

KL Report


Thousands of daily wagers working in various government departments of the state Sunday expressed disappointment over delay done by the government in regularizing their services.

According to the reports received by KNS, as the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) came into force on Saturday with the announcement of the poll dates by the election commission, the fate of around 60 thousand daily wagers was again kept in limbo, disappointing and disheartening them at large.

Reports informed that the state authorities were all set in the past to regularize the services of the 60 thousand daily wagers and particularly the ones engaged before January 1994. The government in the past had promised that it is prioritizing the efforts in resolving the issues of daily wagers. It claimed further that the cabinet subcommittee recommendations will be implemented soon.

As the election commission announced dates, the daily wagers who had kept their hopes high were disappointed, saying the government delayed what it had promised to prioritize.

“Now we have to wait till the polls are over, the next government is formed and then we have to again listen to the government announcements and promises. We really wonder are we the humans and if so, why our rights are being undermined,” said a daily wagers working in the PHE department.

His other colleagues seconded his views, saying that they work more than the permanent employees but the wages being provided to them are meager and insufficient even to compensate the expenditure of a single person. “Our families were waiting for our regularization. We had assured them that now all the problems will be resolved. But it seems that our fate was written by a different pen,” they said.

The issue of absorption of daily wagers became a controversial issue in the recent past when the PHE minister resigned from the cabinet post.  Sham Lal Sharma stated that his conscience would not allow him to continue as the delay was done by some of the government machinery in the regularization of the daily wagers.

The civil secretariat here also witnessed slogans against the coalition government with the daily wagers accusing the government of turning blind eye towards their plight. Several daily wagers had also accused that some ministers wanted their own men absorbed ahead of deserving daily wagers.


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