Our Heart Is Never With Congress Party: Kamal

KL Report


Calling State Congress Chief Professor Saif-u-Din Soz as a political turncoat, National Conference Additional General Secretary Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal Thursday said that from time to time Soz stabbed in the back of National Conference.

“We gave him prominence, provided him platform and contrary he stabbed our back and is spewing venom against us behind the curtains,” Kamal told news gathering agency CNS adding that Soz possesses dual character.

He said that National Conference don’t want to destabilize present Coalition government in the interest of people, “otherwise, our heart is never with Congress party,” he said adding that it is better to suffer for a year than to part ways with the Congress.

“Congress is not a party but a department in Jammu and Kashmir which is run and maintained by New Delhi. The State Congress leaders are being paid on monthly basis by New Delhi and lions share goes into the pockets of Saif-u-Din Soz for his Chanakiyan policies,” Kamal said.

He said in the past and even in present, Prof Soz leaves no stone unturned in tarnishing the image of National Conference. “What he speaks in open does contrary to it behind curtains. He should thank NC for providing him platform otherwise no one would have known him,” he told CNS.

Kamal said that Congress party is power hungry and could compromise with any party to grab the Chair. “We don’t trust this party and this party could change colours like chameleon,” he said.


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