Our Politics Is By The Youth And For The Youth: Omar

KL Report


Chief Minister and National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah Tuesday  said that one of NC’s biggest achievements in power was to wage a successful war against corruption by launching historic, systemic initiatives like the Right to Information (RTI) Act and the State Vigilance Commission (SVC), while bringing the State Accountability Commission (SAC) back on its feet after the Commission was forced into a frozen state of paralysis by the PDP government to save the skin of some of its most senior leaders and Cabinet Ministers.

Addressing delegations of youth activists and political workers from across the State who called on the NC Working President on Tuesday, Omar said that his government has delivered on its promises of eradicating corruption in the State and “because of these efforts the State was thankfully rescued from the tag of being the most corrupt State in the country during the tenure of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.”

“Not only did we take decisive action in rescuing the State from a state of misgovernance and rampant corruption that was prevalent during the tenure of Mufti Sayeed, we also ensured that we put in place systems of accountability and transparency so that any patronage to corruption becomes impossible”, Omar said while speaking to the delegations.

Addressing the delegations, he said that the politics of National Conference is by the youth and for the youth and the party’s policies would continue to focus on the employment, progress and development of our youth. “Our initiatives for the youth have born remarkable results and we need to carry on walking hand-in-hand with the youth for the greater goal of their prosperity and welfare. I believe in the power of the youth to affect change and propel our State towards greater heights and new frontiers. I am in politics to serve the youth and empower them and I will continue to be a voice for youth empowerment”, Omar said.

The Chief Minister asked the youth activists to encourage the utilization of the powerful Right to Information (RTI) Act that has been given by this Government to continue with our war against corruption. Omar Abdullah also spoke about the need to continue and sustain efforts for decentralization and liberalization of power through the Panchayati Raj systems and also through the Creation of New Administrative Units in far flung areas of the State. “These efforts have already started bearing fruit for the State and will lay the edifice of a strong and renascent Jammu & Kashmir for our future generation. The youth will continue to be our focus and our expectations from the youth as well as our efforts to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the youth will form integral parts of our political agenda”, the NC Working President said


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