Our Response to Anti-Beef Ban Bills will be Seen in Assembly: PDP



Senior PDP politician and political adviser to party president Peerzada Mansoor Hussain said that people will get to see how his party (PDP) will respond to the anti-beef ban bills that will be brought in the coming session of Legislative Assembly.

“We (PDP) will never sell our principles. Let the parties that are talking of bringing bills and launching signature campaigns bring bills first and they will get to see how we respond,” he told KNS over phone.

Hussain said that the Supreme Court has also said meat ban can’t be forced down people’s throat, “so there is no question that people will be forced to change their food habits.”

He questioned the role of National Conference for never scrapping the anti-beef law while being in power for around 40 years in the State. “NC ruled the state with one-third majority, they at times had 62 MLAs and at times 58 MLAs in the Legislative Assembly, but never did they try to scrap the law. But now they are crying foul only to befool people,” he said, adding PDP will adopt “appropriate strategy which will benefit people”.


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