“Our Students Far Better than Pass outs of KU”

KL Report


Describing Kashmir University as a “trouble monger” for the efficient and intelligent students of Kashmir, Director Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Sandeep Gupta Monday said that Kashmir University is the only University across India that is not accepting the degrees of IGNOU in MCA and BCA.

“Our students are far better than the students of Kashmir University. Some ‘ignorant’ from Kashmir University have made it a criteria not to allow students from IGNOU get admitted in the University, which is not only biased but a foolish decision,” Gupta told CNS adding that the refusal of Kashmir University to accept degrees obtained from Indira IGNOU for further studies has triggered resentment among qualified youth in Valley.

Gupta said that Kashmir University is only known for its landscape and not for its academic skills. He said the arrogance and ignorance on part of Kashmir University would ruin career of thousands of students who had pursued studies through Indira Gandhi National Open University.

“There are Universities in India which are far better than Kashmir University. All these Universities accept the degrees of IGNOU students. I fail to understand why some ‘ignorant’ in Kashmir University are hell bent to ruin the career of hundreds of Kashmiri students,” he said.

“What is the fun of this criteria that any students with BCA degree from IGNOU can’t get admission in Kashmir University for MCA and similarly students with MCA degrees from IGNOU can’t do PhD from the varsity,” he said.

He said that all IGNOU courses are UGC recommended and all universities across India except Kashmir University provides scope for IGNOU students to go for further studies.

Director IGNOU said that he has taken up the matter with the higher authorities and the matter will be resolved within a weeks time. “I assure the IGNOU students that I will resolve the matter within a weeks time and there is no need to get disheartened,” Sandeep Gupta said.


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