Out Of 71605 Vacancies, 30562 Posts Referred To Recruitment Agencies In Last 2 Years

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Expressing serious concern over its tardy recruitment drive, the CPI (M) State Secretary and MLA Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has said the government should explain how fast is the fast-track basis recruitment process?

Referring to a written reply to one of his stared questions on the subject, Tarigami said that in last two years a total of 30562 out of 71605 vacancies in various departments have been referred to recruiting agencies.  “What is more ironical is that out of these 30562 posts vacancies referred to recruitment agencies, the government has made 663 selections for Gazetted posts, 7998 selections have been made for non-Gazetted posts and 1404 selections have been made for class-IV posts. Is this the fast track basis recruitment?” Tarigami asked.

The CPI (M) MLA had asked for departmental wise, the list of Gazetted, non Gazetted and Class-IV vacancies in government department and PSUs up-to August 2013. “There are 71605 vacancies in various departments and PSUs. Out of this there 9318 Gazetted posts, 43415 non Gazetted and 18872 Class-IV posts. Up-to ending September this year, 3737 posts were referred to Public Service Commission (PSC), 18110 posts were referred to SSB and 8715 posts were referred to District Recruitment Boards (DRBs),” reads the government reply.

The PSC advertised 2764 posts but only 663 selections were made by the Commission.  SSB advertised 15209 posts but made selections of 7998 candidates. The DRBs advertised 5185 posts but selected 1404 candidates for Class-IV posts.

Tarigami had also asked for the status of the proposed filling of about 70,000 indentified vacancies as assured by the minister for finance during the current budget session that took place in Jammu. In its reply, the government said ‘the process of filling up of over 70,000 vacancies has been set into motion on fast track basis and the recruitment process is under way for selection of the vacancies in various cadres, viz Gazetted, non-Gazetted and class-IV. The referral, advertisement, short-listing interviews for these vacancies is presently going on and the process is being followed vigorously.”

Replying to the other part of the question which had sought reasons for delay in filling up of 43,000 identified vacancies of casual labourers, daily rated workers in various departments in the state despite repeated assurances in the respect during the last three years, the government said: “The government has approved the engagement of 43000 causal, seasonal labourers in seven departments vide government order number 105-PD of 2010 dated 25-10-2010. However, no engagements in this regard have been made so far as the required operational modalities for these engagements are yet to be finalized by the concerned departments.’

Taking strong exception to this inordinate delay, the CPI (M) MLA has said on one side the rate of unemployed youth is increasing day-by-day and on the other hand the government’s lax attitude is brewing a perception among people that recruitment drive has been deferred to meet partisan political interests in view of the coming assembly elections.

“The government must expedite the whole process of recruitment so that the unemployed youth get benefited. Authorities must also clear the doubts in the minds of people that this delaying tactics adopted in recruitment is to benefit blue-eyed people in lieu of electoral favours. This is a dangerous tendency which should be addressed in the larger interest of an army of unemployed youth of the state,” the CPI (M) leader added.


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