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Despite the tall claims of the government that various steps have been taken to streamline traffic in Srinagar, the city witness massive traffic jams every day leaving thousands of people stuck for hours. However Traffic policemen, blame the narrow roads and increasing strength of vehicles for frequent jams.

“It has become a routine affair with traffic police department which is least bothered to solve the problem. Traffic cops should take corrective measures to tackle the rush but they could be spotted watching on a roadside corner instead of streamlining it,” said Kursheed Ahmad a resident of Rajbagh to KNS. During morning hours people who come from various area towards civil lines face immense problems .Traffic official who was on duty in Batmallo  said that corrective measures are underway to streamline traffic on busy roads. However he blames the narrow roads and increasing strength of vehicles for frequent jams.

Meanwhile on Tuesday the areas which remained badly affected by traffic congestion include Lal chowk, Batamallo Qamerwari, Bemina and other parts of the city. “Encroachment venders have multiplied the problems of pedestrians including those who are doing their business on the main roads without any interference from police officials. Traffic jams on the main roads force buses and mini buses to take other routes which further aggravate the situation,” Ali Mohammad of Sonwar told KNS.

Javid Ahmad of Hyderpora Srinagar told KNS that the city of Srinagar has become a deathtrap. Though installation of traffic lights at some important junctions helped in regulating the traffic but traffic department has failed to control this mess.KNS


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