Out of Box solution possible for Kashmir issue: O.P.Shaw


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Senior Track 2 Diplomat and renowned Indian civil society member, O.P.Shaw Tuesday said that out of box solution to Kashmir issue is possible as the political scenario is rapidly changing in South Asia and it will continue to change after the NATO pullout from Afghanistan.

Talking to news gathering agency CNS, Shaw said that the composite dialogue between Pakistan and India on Kashmir is expected to turn out to be more result oriented after India elects its new Prime Minister. “A sea change is expected to occur soon after the General Elections in India are over. The new Prime Minister as per my knowledge will follow a policy that will boost the relations between India and Pakistan,” Shah said.

He said that track 2 diplomacy or dialogue on Kashmir is going on and it has never stopped. “Track 2 diplomacy is a permanent feature of Indian polity and as far as Kashmir issue is concerned it is going at a rapid pace. I myself talked to many separatist leaders of Kashmir and the process is going. We are waiting for the formation of the next government and once it will gets formed, things will settled down,” he said.

Shaw said that the composite dialogue between India and Pakistan continued at every stage despite several ups and downs but unfortunately track record suggests that both countries remain unable to seek out practical and sellable solutions for the unresolved issues. He admitted that whatever has transpired, so far, between Pakistan and India with reference to the Kashmir issue has little conformity with the peoples’ wishes.


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