Over 700 Minors Booked Under PSA in JK, says HR Law Network  



A young boy detained under Public Safety Act being produced in court at Srinagar
A young boy detained under Public Safety Act being produced in court at Srinagarin this file image.

A report by a Delhi-based Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) observed that more than 700 minors in Kashmir have been booked under the Public Safety Act in a clear contradiction with the amendment on 28th March 2013 bringing into effect the Jammu & Kashmir (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2013 which bars the detention of persons under the age of 18 years under PSA.

The report titled ‘Awareness On Juvenile Justice, Jammu and Kashmir’ released Saturday also decried the lack of measure including absence of juvenile justice board and child welfare committees in Kashmir, which, it says, “is a clear violation of the juvenile Justice Act.”

It noted that apprehended juveniles are put in jail instead of handling them in a child friendly manner which is a brazen overrule of law.

The reports also denounced the treatment and trial of juveniles which it says involves beating and incarceration against numerous decisions of the court.

It lamented the absence of Juvenile Home for girls. “The lone operating juvenile home in Kashmir is only for boys,” the report read. “Not only there is no existing juvenile home for girls not is the said home equipped to handle the cases of girl juveniles,” it noted

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