Over powering

nor its structure, but the symbolism. The Athwatoo power project is a totally local project with global standards. It symbolizes modern Kashmiri entrepreneurship, financing, spirit of overcoming policy odds, external competition, and, above all, the globalization of the Kashmiri youth. If adequately backed by finance as has been done by the J&K Bank in this case, and fully supported by governmental policy, a lot more can be done. Be that as it may be, it is a project in which all the people of J&K should have an emotional stake.  
The project based on French equipment and technology that is fully automated running in the back of beyond in Bandipore is a success story that has the potential to catalyze developments not only in this sector but across other sectors as well as the state economy.
It also showcases how the entrepreneurial development takes place. For the promoter started off as a contractor with the Salal power project and now his next generation has become the promoter of a power project, no matter how small it is.
The sale pf electricity, whether locally or outside will bring a huge infusion of revenue for the local utility once the repayment of loans is over. Some of the revenues, howsoever small, should be used for the benefit of the community by such small activities as cleaning streets.
But having said all this, what next?
First, of course, that we must promote many more such small hydropower projects. Second, and more importantly, is how to integrate these power projects with the domestic economy or the state economy and even the local economy, i.e the sub state economy.
The best way to do it is that the generation of power by these small gencos must be complemented by a set of distribution companies – discoms – in local areas. What this will do is to make power saleable locally till such time as the state is a power deficit area. This will build stakeholders for the power generation and distribution within the local community.


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