P-Mark Alleges Sale of Counterfeit Products Under Its Name

Shakir Mir


Fake Wheat Barn bag.
Fake Wheat Barn bag.

The popular manufacturer of wheat products P-Mark has complained about the sale of counterfeit Wheat Bran bags under its brand name.

While speaking to Kashmir Life, the manager of the company for Kashmir region, M. Yusuf said that the sale had been going unchecked until Saturday evening when he was tipped off about wrongdoing.

“The complaint came from Anantnag so I left for the place the following day,” he said.

Yusuf said he saw the fake Bran bags lying outside one store in Anantnag following which he immediately contacted the police. “After that they (shopkeepers) had removed the bags.”

But by evening, his sources phoned him again saying that two trucks carrying Bran bags under the brand name of his company had arrived. “The vehicles were stationed in the Anantnag bus stand carrying numbers JK02AQ 0845 and JK02AQ 0875.”

Yusuf said that the challan he has obtained shows involvement of Delhi-based Hanuman Traders that shipped the goods through Lucky International Transport Company to a Budgam-based Kissan Poultry Feed.

Original Wheat Barn bag.
Original Wheat Barn bag.

“The matter is much more serious,” he said. “It also involves large scale VAT violations by parties in Kashmir registered as manufacturers of selling their exemption forms to traders evading VAT.”

M/S Kissan Poultry feed is, allegedly, selling duplicate bran purchased as raw material for his unit in Budgam in Anantnag and unjustly claiming 5% in (Value Added Tax) VAT exemption.

“Further the bill is too undervalued at Rs 1,35,000 for 15 tons while as per the price on the bag which is Rs 460/- for 20 kgs, it should be 3, 45,000 for the same amount,” Yusuf said. “They are brazenly cheating the state exchequer.”

Although the trucks have been seized by Anantnag police and action initiated but Yusuf said the incident has dealt an irreparable damage to the reputation of his company. “Our company is a household name. We manufacture product that is fed to poultries all across the state and if somebody uses adulterated produced in our brand name it will bring a bad name to our company,” he said. “We are responsible for our products not the adulterated ones.”


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