Pained By Yasin Malik’s Sentence: People’s Conference

SRINAGAR: People’s Conference (PC) on Thursday expressed pain over the sentence announced for Yasin Malik.

In a statement, the Peoples Conference party stated that irrespective of his ideology we believe that dialogue and peace should be the objectives of the future.

“We now hope that magnanimity, reconciliation and forgiveness will define the policy of the government of India in the future,” PC said in a statement.

PC said that irrespective of the pain that has been inflicted, irrespective of the dead bodies, irrespective of the bloodletting, every conflict has to have closure and the closure is through forgiveness, through reconciliation. “And may we in our humble capacity ask the government of India that if they are really keen to set right the wrongs of the past isn’t it incumbent upon them to check the origins of this violence – what makes a young man like Yasin Malik and thousands like him pick up guns in 1987,” PC said.

The statement added that the perpetrators of 1987 are there and ironically they have issued a statement condemning this sentence. “Unless and until the perpetrators of 1987 are not investigated, unless and until you don’t bring to book those who denied democracy which led to the eruption of militancy and gun culture, there cannot be a closure,” reads the statement issued by Peoples Conference.


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