Pakistan Has Lost K-support globally, says Former Pak Ambassador



Husain Haqqani
Husain Haqqani

A former Pakistani envoy to US has said Pakistan no longer enjoys international support on Kashmir.

Expressing his views in an op-ed published on the website of the Hudson Institute, a US-think tank, Husain Haqqani, former US Pakistani Ambassador, said: “Kashmir is an emotive issue in Pakistan because of the failure of its leaders to inform their people that Pakistan no longer enjoys international support on the matter.”

Haqqani, who wasn’t supportive of Pak Army, said posturing on Kashmir gets Pakistan nowhere but its leaders feel they need to do it any way to maintain support.

“What most Pakistanis do not know is that the last United Nations Security Council resolution on Kashmir was passed in 1957 and Pakistan could not win support for a referendum in Kashmir today if it asked for a new vote at the United Nations,” Haqqani said.

“Instead of accepting that it might be better for India and Pakistan to normalise relations by expanding trade and cross-border travel, Pakistani hardliners have stuck to a ‘Kashmir first’ mantra, which they know is unrealistic,” he said.


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