Pakistan invites India to settle Kashmir

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On the occasion of ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’, Prime Minister, Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif invited the Indian leadership to address the Kashmir issue with all seriousness, Pakistani media reported on Wednesday.

Nawaz was addressing the Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) Legislative Assembly where he said he was hopeful that India will respond positively to his invitation.

“We believe India will let the people of Kashmir decide their fate,” he said.

Nawaz further said, “The spiritual connection between the people of Pakistan and of Kashmir grows stronger with each passing day.”

He added that the issue can never be ignored and that the desires of the Kashmiri people have to be respected.

Nawaz said, “Pakistan will continue to support the Kashmir cause until the people get their due rights.”

Pakistan every year observes February 5, as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’. Huge processions and functions are held throughout and the Pakistani PM or the President travels to PaK to address its Assembly.


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