Pakistan ready to consider Independent status of Kashmir: PaK Pres.

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Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) President Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan has hinted that Pakistan was ready to talk with India on the option of carving out an independent state of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We are ready to consider the option, if India comes to the negotiating table and puts forward the idea of giving Kashmir independent status,” PaK president remarked in what appears to be a major policy shift.

The Pakistani media reports said that the option of an independent state of Jammu and Kashmir had always been a contentious issue amongst the Kashmiris themselves and in India and Pakistan.

The PaK president is quoted as saying that Pakistan was sincere in wanting to resolve the Kashmir issue. “These things (discussing options) are only possible when India comes to the negotiating table and admits that Kashmir is a disputed territory,” he added.  “If India agrees to give Kashmir an independence status, we can also think (along these lines),” PaK President was quoted as saying.

To a question about the possibility of the BJP coming to power in India and its impact on the Kashmir issue, the PaK president said he was more hopeful of a resolution to the issue with the BJP in power. “Congress has never shown any seriousness (to resolve the issue),” he remarked.

He said once NATO forces begin drawing back from Afghanistan, the Kashmir issue will once again become important. He said Afghanistan had overshadowed the Kashmir issue for the past 10 years.



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