by Hilal Shah

SRINAGAR: A group of Pakistani origin Kashmiri brides who had accompanied their Kashmiri husband’s home under the return and rehabilitation scheme 2010 announced by then chief minister Omar Abdullah on Monday staged a protest demonstration in Press Enclave Srinagar demanding travel documents and citizenship rights.

A group of Pakistan origin Kashmiri brides held a protest at press colony Srinagar on Monday, February 2, 2021. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

“We are not protesting here for the first time, we have been protesting for years now. We are living miserable lives here. If the Government can’t accept us then they should let us go back. We don’t want to destroy the future of our children,” said Saira  Javaid one of the protesting woman.

“If the government put in abeyance the election of Somia Sadaf, one among Pakistani wives who recently participated in DDC elections, but there are few people among us working with the government. What is the problem in our case?” she added

“It is better to kill us instead of letting us live this miserable life here,” another protesting woman said

They said that their demand is that they should be provided legal documents so that they can meet their loved ones living on the other side of the border.

The protesters were holding placards reading, “We want travel documents for going back to Pakistan”, “Agar hum Pakistani hain to humein wapis bejiye’’ (If we are Pakistani then send us Back).



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